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Tabassum Sayed Dafedar is a marketing and communication professional with extensive experience in team building, stage performance, sales, and creative talent. She has worked in various industries, including advertising, media, and events, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, building and managing teams, and fostering collaboration and communication.

Tabassum’s skills in public speaking, storytelling, and engaging audiences have been honed through her experience in stage performance. She also has a talent for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, building relationships with clients, and closing deals. With a creative approach to problem-solving, Tabassum has proven to be a valuable asset to any organization she works with.
Her interest in business strategy, psychological sales, management, and product development has inspired her to bring this on her chat show to educate the next generation of business leaders through expert talks, helping them to overcome obstacles, pursue their passions, know all about business and achieve their goals.

It’s time to cover the real game of business.

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